My School Placement!

Well, it’s officially official. After two months of gathering an untold amount of paperwork while working my day job, I finally received my school placement today! I’ll be teaching at an all girls public school called Sanguan Ying School, a large secondary school with about 2000 students.


The school is in Suphan Buri, which is a province in central Thailand. The town is about two hours north of Bangkok, but is described as a small, friendly community with few foreigners. Here’s the province, for reference:


The school is located in town, and my apartment is just a ten minute walk away! Honestly, this is ideal – I love that I will be able to live and work in a small town but can easily hop over to Bangkok if I’m feeling the need for big city life! It’s perfect. And, teaching girls ages 12-18, well … that promises to be challenging, entertaining, and several words that I’m sure I’ll easily come up with later! For now, I’m just plain excited.

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